From the Principal's Desk

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Mrs. Vidya Keshav Shinde
B.Sc., B.Ed., LL.B.

“Through the institutions run under our trust, we want to nurture a generation of students who would be mentally, morally and spiritually strong. We aspire to develop faith, confidence, empathy, devotion and patriotism in our students. Transforming our students into self-reliant and self-awakened global citizens who would excel in the field of their choice is what the ‘Suyash’ strives for”

Vidya Tai has 30 years of rich experience in Teaching and School Administration. She has been incorporating innovative teaching-learning methodologies to make learning an enjoyable experience for students. One of her focus areas is the transformation of students into good human beings through Swami Vivekananda’s philosophy of ‘Man Making Education’. Vidya Tai is spearheading the activities of the Hub of Learning (HoL) of 14 CBSE Schools for collaborative Teaching-Learning processes.

Suyash Central School - An Innovative Venture

The driving force behind Suyash Central School is our pursuit of creating ‘responsible and conscientious individuals’ out of children. A child, if shaped and moulded well and is lead from a solid foundation of values and principles imparted early in his/her life, can become great no matter what his or her circumstances or origins are. We at ‘Suyash Central School’ are striving for the same by creating a fusion of ancient Gurukul system and modem scientific knowledge. We strongly believe that every child is unique and is endowed with some special talents. Our objective is to help our students discover their potential and their unique qualities by helping them understand and develop these abilities further. This could also be achieved by inspiring the children and showing the path and of course, by walking a few steps hand in hand with the little ones.

At our school, we work for the upliftment of our underprivileged and talented students. One of the main objectives of this school is to bring about a sense of community and mutual respect among the students for their fellow compatriots, in spite of the ethnic and social differences. Through the school, we also intend to implement the culture of Meditation – Vipassana, Pranayama and Yoga, thus, making the school an ideal place for one to attain good health and a balanced mind and soul.

Established: June 2009
Affiliation: Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi
Affiliation Status: Senior Secondary
Affiliation period: 31 March 2027
Affilation Number: 1130245
School Code: 30191
Type: Co-educational school
Classes: I to XII
Students: Residential and Day Boarders
Transportation: School Bus
Student Intake Capacity: 500